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New beginnings, young hopes


Young start-up leaders from the pharma industry express their hopes and expectations as the new BJP led government kick starts its second term


“The new government should focus on data privacy and the security of Indian identities. As India will have 50 billion identities to manage in the next 5 years including identities being also managed via IOT, AI and other technological platforms. The Government should provide emphasis and regulate data privacy with the usage of advanced platforms that provide user consent management, best in class user experience and data security.”
-Deepak Gupta, CTO & Co-founder, LoginRadius


“Just as the policy changes in 1990s helped India become the IT services hub of the world; India now has a similar opportunity to become a global leader in big data and AI application in Pharma and Healthcare. We hope the Government should create helpful policy frameworks and incentivize start-ups in this niche.”
-Swetabh Pathak, Co-Founder, Elucidata

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