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Pharma Packaging and Labelling (PPL) Congress 2019 to be held in Hyderabad


The event will be a platform for packaging leaders, experts and veterans to congregate, confer and converse on the current and future trends in the industry, their growth drivers and the challenges

Organised by Express Pharma, PPL Conclave 2019 will be held at Novotel Airport, Hyderabad from February 21-22, 2019. It is ‘the’ platform for packaging leaders, experts and veterans to congregate, confer and converse on the current and future trends in the industry, their growth drivers and the challenges. It is also a great medium to form meaningful alliances which will fast-track progress in the pharma packaging industry. Register Today!!!

Various factors including novel formulations, personalised medicines and stringent legislations is constantly shaping and transforming the pharma industry, globally and in India. As a result, pharma packaging too is evolving as an increasingly complex and multi-faceted task.

Hence, the pharma packaging industry will have to design and develop innovations which serve multiple purposes ranging from enhancing patient experience and keeping pace with changing regulatory environments to making products tamper-proof, fighting counterfeits and improving logistics security.

The need to develop and deliver tailored, distinct packaging and labelling solutions is an imperative one. But, it will have to meet the ever-growing expectations of stakeholders without compromising on profit margins. Therefore, the Pharma Packaging and Labelling (PPL) Conclave, is back this year with the theme, ‘Future-proofing pharma packaging’. Register Today!!!

This year, experts and veterans at the event will examine the fast transforming landscape for pharma packaging to understand and predict trends and happenings which will influence pharma players and impact future demands in packaging. They will explore proactive approaches to develop more agile, compliant and innovative packaging solutions to deliver significant value to businesses and consumers alike.

PPL Conclave 2019 would also examine the role of technology in developing intelligent packaging solutions to serve the needs of the product as well as meet supply chain requirements. It will facilitate industry leaders to look beyond short term measures and develop strategies strategies to adapt to future legislations, both in the markets they currently cater for, and the markets they intend to enter in the future. Thus, the event will empower experts and industry leaders to enhance preparedness in dealing with future requirements of the ever-changing pharma industry.

Suggested topics

  • Impact of global trends on Indian pharma packaging industry
  • Driving patient-centricity with packaging innovation
  • Rethinking primary packaging for regulatory compliance
  • Dose accuracy and efficacy with packaging
  • Green packaging for sustainability and progress
  • Pharma packaging for competence, compliance and communication
  • Advancements in pharma packaging technology
  • Smart packaging and its potential
  • Thus, for the 100+ leading pharma packaging professionals attending the event, the two-day event will give an opportunity to
  • Get updated on the advancements in India’s pharma packaging sector
  • Demonstrate your pharma packaging capabilities
  • Showcase your innovative packaging solutions
  • Gain insights from thought leaders of the pharma, biotech and packaging industries
  • Acquire access to solution providers with cutting-edge packaging technologies
  • Discuss on the role of packaging in gaining a competitive edge
  • Network with the who’s who of the pharma packaging industry


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