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Innovation has been the foundation of growth for our group


Sami/ Sabinsa Group, leading nutraceuticals producer, has launched Curcumin Chewable, an immune-support supplement for children. Dr Muhammed Majeed, Founder and Chairman, gives more details about the product and the company’s nutraceutical business, in an interview with Sachin Jagdale

Tell us about your offerings in children nutraceuticals.

20160531ep04Sami Direct’s Curcumin Chewable is an essential immune support supplement with a versatile phytonutrient that supports overall wellness and good health by offering the benefits of quality curcuminoids from nature’s own turmeric roots. It is a safe and effective solution that offers immune protection across all seasons for all ages. One of nature’s greatest gift to mankind is turmeric. Its active constituents Curcuminoids, have been documented in ancient texts such as Ayurveda where it is considered vital to naturally improve immunity. To its credit are 7500 and more scientific publications that speak volumes of its acceptance and recommendations by the scientific fraternity. Curcumin Chewable is a preferred solution to enhance the body’s defence mechanism against seasonal changes, environmental factors and lack of nutrition.

With health drinks like Complan, Horlicks etc. already available in the market for many decades how are you going to convince the parents to try your product?

The goodness of turmeric is well recognised from the times of Ayurveda, but is not available in a form that is acceptable by children. Parents are well aware that a little turmeric in their child’s warm milk will offer relief from seasonal allergies. However, the flavour and aroma is not preferred by children. Curcumin Chewable is a convenient dosage form of the same turmeric with enriched goodness in the form of Curcumin C3 Complex. The 4000 year old legacy of turmeric to suit the current generation and scientifically validated by modern scientific techniques for its safety and efficacy, this product is widely accepted and appreciated by parents.

Besides children nutraceuticals which are the other types of nutraceuticals you manufacture?

Innovation has been the foundation of growth for our group. We have been innovative in our process, product and in its applications. Working with this mindset, and having been in the industry for over 27 years, the Sami group has a range of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products for various applications targeting diverse audience. General wellness, immune support, eye care, energy support, weight management, protein supplements, joint support and vitamin and mineral complexes are just a few to mention. The products have been formulated with the foundations of Ayurveda and other traditional knowledge systems, supported by modern scientific validation.

How are your nutraceuticals different/ better than your competitors’?

The Sami Group is a research oriented, multinational health science organisation, and a leading producer of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, standardised herbal extracts, fine chemicals, speciality chemicals and probiotics. The Government of India has honoured the company with the National Award for quality products (basic drugs) in the year 1994 and the prestigious DSIR award in the year 2002. Today, it has 113+ international patents to its credit. The group has been a pioneer in innovation of standardised herbal extracts that have found their way into millions of dosage forms. The organisation also believes in being self sustainable and engages in contract manufacturing to ensure best quality raw materials and in turn finest end products.

The concept of nutraceuticals is still not that popular in the Indian market, how difficult is it to generate business in this scenario?

The concept of nutraceuticals is new and hence business is a challenge in India. However, Ayurveda and the knowledge of herbs is something that this country is very familiar with. It is well accepted among consumers. The modern scientific techniques that have been used to validate this knowledge is the only missing link that needs to reach the consumers. A constant effort is made by the company to educate consumers in this regard through articles, books, websites and so on. While the task is uphill, it shows a very positive and encouraging trend.

Nutraceuticals are generally considered expensive. As India is a cost sensitive market how do you plan to handle this issue?

One of the major challenges of the organisation has been to provide quality products that are affordable to the common man. Products from Sami are of the best quality in prices that are affordable. Since the company directly handles every stage – farming, extraction, research, formulation development, clinical validation, production and marketing – all under one big roof, the products are made available at very affordable prices.

Any new product in the pipeline?

The Sami group is under constant innovation. A range of products have been lined up for the year both in the nutraceutical as well cosmeceutical category that will satisfy the needs of consumers.

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