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IPM registers Rs 7954 crores in November 2015

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10 therapies have outgrown the IPM growth

The Indian pharmaceutical market (IPM) clocked Rs 7954 crores in November 2015 and has grown at 8.6 per cent. Amongst the top 10, Cipla grew by 15.8 per cent, Alkem by 9.2 per cent and Macleods by 8.5 per cent. 23 corporates have crossed the growth of IPM amongst the top 50.

Amongst the top 50 corporate, Bharat Serums had the highest growth of 59.3 per cent followed by Wockhardt at 38.3 per cent and Hetero at 23.1 per cent. 20 corporates have shown growths of more than 10 per cent amongst the top 50. Amongst the 11-20 ranked corporates, Alembic has the highest growth of 18.8 per cent followed by Intas at 16.3 per cent and DRL at 12.6 per cent. Amongst the 21-30 ranked corporates, Wockhardt had the highest growth at 38.3 per cent followed by MSD 18.3 per cent and Cadila 17.6 per cent. Amongst the 31-40 ranked corporates, Bharat Serums was at 59.3 per cent, Blue Cross and JBCPL at 15.7 per cent. Amongst the 41-50 ranked corporates, Hetero had the highest growth at 23.1 per cent followed by Troikaa at 17.8 per cent and Janssen at 11.2 per cent. Amongst the 51-60 ranked corporates, Boehringer grew at 51.3 per cent followed by Eli Lilly at 34.9 per cent and Centaur at 28.8 per cent.


Amongst the 61-70 ranked corporates, Fresenius Kabi grew at 69.5 per cent followed by RPG at 13.7 per cent. Amongst the top 10, Cipla grew by 15.8 per cent, Zuventus grew by 10.2 per cent, Micro Labs by 10.4 per cent, Indoco grew by 10.1 per cent amongst others.

Indian companies have grown at 9.1 per cent versus seven per cent for MNCs in November 2015. Amongst the top 50 in MNCs, MSD grew by 18.3 per cent followed by AstraZeneca by 13.1 per cent and Janssen at 11.2 per cent. Under the non-NLEM category, Indian companies grew at 9.9 per cent whereas MNCs grew at 7.2 per cent. The DPCO containing molecules market grew at 4.8 per cent whereas the non-DPCO market grew by 9.3 per cent and Non-Sch Para 19 Market at 6.8 per cent resulting in an overall growth of 8.6 per cent for November 2015. The NLEM and non-NLEM category showed unit growth at 0.3 per cent and 1.1 per cent respectively. The non-Sch Para 19 Market grew at 2.2 per cent from units perspective.


From therapy perspective, 10 therapies have outgrown the IPM growth. The respiratory market grew at 12.9 per cent, gastrointestinal market grew at 9.8 per cent, pain and analgesics market grew at 8.9 per cent whereas anti-infectives grew at 7.2 per cent. The anti-diabetic market grows at 16.1 per cent and cardiac at 8.2 per cent in chronic business. The derma market grew by 7.9 per cent and urology market at 8.3 per cent. The gastrointestinal market crossed the Rs 11,000 crore and moves fast to get close to the cardiac market value.

From regional perspective, 13 regions have outgrown the IPM growth. The south Andhra Pradesh market grew the highest at 22.6 per cent followed by Odisha market at 21.4 per cent and Jharkhand market at 19.8 per cent. Six regions had a negative growth in November 2015. Amoxycillin + clavulanic acid and glimepiride + metformin market grew at 9.7 per cent.

The paracetamol market grew at 27.2 per cent, atorvastatin 1.9 per cent, probiotic microbes at 22.7 per cent, cefixime 3.5 per cent, pantoprazole 5.1 per cent, montelukast + levocetrizine at 11.4 per cent, glimepiride + metformin + pioglitazone at 12.6 per cent, Vitamin-D at 13.6 per cent, hydroquinone + mometasone + tretinoin at -21.6 per cent, voglibose + metformin + glimepiride at 29.9 per cent, rosuvastatin at 13.4 per cent, protein supplements at 2.8 per cent, azithromycin at 13.1 per cent, calcium carbonate + Vit D3 market at -2.5 per cent.

Mixtard lead the pack with Rs 31 crore followed by Corex at Rs 30 crore, Spasmoproxyvon Plus at Rs 28 crores, Glycomet GP at Rs 26 crores.

Few brands who have gained ranks include Rotarix (+65), Zienam (+60), Meronem (+58), Betnesol (+49), Betnovate C (+40), Ultracet, Betnovate N (+25), Jalra M (+21), Spasmoproxyvon Plus, Calpol, Vertin (+20), Deriphyllin (+19), Budecort, Huminsulin, Galvus (+18), Rhoclone (+17), Panderm Plus, Istamet, Omez, Mucaine (+16), Monocef-O, Trajent (+15), Rantac (+14), Sinarest, Foracort, Aciloc, Januvia, Dolo (+12), amongst top 100 brands over November 2014. Caripill becomes a Rs 12 crore brand in a period of five months.

Few brands that have moved up ranks fastest into Top 300 Brands for the month of November 2015 were Revital H, Havrix, Hucog HP, Imicrit, Plavix, Grafeel, Ocid, Pradaxa amongst others. The 300th biggest brand is Quadriderm RF from MSD. Revital H is the 200th biggest brand in IPM.

A total of 303 brands and 572 SKUs were launched. The top new brands were Tenepride, Accura, Hertraz. Four Teneligliptin brands were launched in the same month. They were Tenepride, Tenglyn, Dynaglipt and Tenuvia. Lupin had entered the Linagliptin market with Ondero. The biggest new launch by an MNC was Hertraz in November 2015.

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