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Express Pharma to host first edition of Pharma CXO Summit in Goa

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To be held in association with Optel Group, this year’s theme for the event is, ‘Beyond 2017 – Leveraging global traceability for sustainable business and growth’

Serialisation, combined with track and trace mechanisms, are being seen as an important solution to ensure that substandard or counterfeit medicines are discovered and recalled from global markets. Over 40 countries across the globe are already implementing or set to enforce track & trace and serialisation mandates by 2018.  Indian companies too are realising that it is strategic business sense to make traceability the cornerstone of sustainable future growth.

Therefore, the Pharma CXO Summit, organised by Express Pharma and the Indian Express Group, will bring together leading pharma CEOs, COOs and Division Heads who are leading the way for Indian pharma exports the world over to share their learnings and experiences on implementing serialisation.

The conference will present insights from regulators and policy makers, as well as case studies from the early adopters of traceability technologies. The case studies will be both from global as well as Indian experts who have headed serialisation strategies in their companies.

Some of the broad topics which would be covered at the conference are:

  • Leveraging global traceability for sustainable business and growth
  • Learning from serialisation stalwarts: Global case studies
  • Serialisation strategies for biologics
  • Serialisation strategies for pharmaceuticals
  • Serialisation strategies for CMOs
  • Opportunities and challenges in India’s serialisation journey

The other highlights at the event will be:

Express Pharma Excellence in Exports Awards: It seeks to recognise the untiring efforts of pharma exporters. It will acknowledge and celebrate the resounding successes of Indian pharma companies, and the vital roles they have played in establishing India as a leading export destination.

The Express Pharma CXO Handbook: It will feature interviews, in-depth articles and strategies that Indian pharma exporters have adopted to create an unassailable edge and leading positions. While some have chosen to excel in a particular category, others have crafted their geographical footprint with great care.

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