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Elder Pharma relaunches AMPM mouthwash

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Also introduces specific mouthwash for smokers/ tobacco users

20141115ep02Elder Pharma, in joint co-operation with practicing dentists and R&D scientists, has relaunched the new AMPM mouthwash with an addition of a range for smokers/tobacco users. It has the key ingredient ‘Triclosan’, an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Alok Saxena, Managing Director, Elder Pharma said, “Among oral care products, the mouthwash category has seen high penetration levels with substantial market expansion even in rural and semi-urban areas. There is a major change in the consumer tastes and preferences towards easy-to-use oral care products in the market. Companies like Elder, focusing on advance solutions for oral health problems for the consumer, are receiving good response from the market.”

Triclosan has shown to be effective in reducing and controlling bacterial contamination and fighting germs. In addition to its anti plaque and anti cavity properties, AMPM has been designed to fight gum recession, dry mouth, tobacco odour, tartar build up and tooth staining from smoking, yellowing or browning of front teeth due to exhaling
tobacco smoke.

AMPM is available in three variants AMPM PLUS, AMPM SPECIAL and the newly launched AMPM NICOFRESH which is specially formulated for smokers/ tobacco users. In addition to Triclosan, AMPM NICOFRESH contains sodium perborate which helps remove smoke and tobacco tar. The oxygenating effect of NICOFRESH hits one of the most stubborn sources of sulphur-producing bacteria and stops it at its source.

Elder also plans to launch mouthwashes based on natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and probiotics under the AMPM range. The company hopes to garner a five to seven per cent share in the next few years.

Saxena said, “The industry has expanded with the introduction of innovative and condition-specific products like mouthwashes for sensitive teeth, for gum care, for discolouration of teeth, for smokers etc. Increased competition from international players has also meant reaching out to the last mile population to promote products.”

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