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DIA to organise pharmacovigilance conference


The conference will be held in Mumbai on March 24 and 25, 2017

DIA India will organise two-day pharmacovigilance conference ‘PV Fast Forward – Technology, Pace & Priority,’ in Mumbai on March 24 and 25, 2017. The conference will emphasise the significance of latest technological advancements in an age when speed and precision are becoming more important than ever.

The conference will have renowned pharmacovigilance experts coming together as the Program Committee under the leadership of the Chair Moin Don and the Vice Chair Dr Krishna Bahadur Singh. The sessions titled Automation in PV, PV Outsourcing/ Offshoring, Label Management & Risk Management, Latest Regulations in PV, Compliance Management and PV Miscellanea cover several aspects such as Medical Device Vigilance, BrExit-related PV challenges, EU Regulations, E2B R3 implementation, data analytics, Indian PV updates, data mining, pharmacoepidemiology and so on.

PV Fast Forward will offer the delegates an excellent opportunity to network with their peers in the industry and provides industry intelligence on various products and services available in the market. The conference also facilitates dialogue between delegates and exhibitors, thereby enabling the start of new business relationships.

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