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World-class cancer research facility to open in Adelaide


Adelaide’s Centre for Cancer Biology received a $2 million grant from Australian Cancer Research Foundation to establish the facility

A cancer research centre housing cutting-edge technologies currently unavailable in Australia is set to open in Adelaide, South Australia. Reportedly, the Cancer Discovery Accelerator will be funded by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and will have the latest technologies including state-of-the-art genome sequencing equipment and a super high-resolution microscope, enabling researchers to develop powerful new methods for measuring proteins in individual cancer cells.

The Centre for Cancer Biology is conducting research into the natural suppressors of cancer. The foundation made the announcement at an awards dinner in Sydney recently, awarding Adelaide’s Centre for Cancer Biology a $2 million grant to establish the facility.
“The Centre for Cancer Biology is conducting breakthrough research capitalising on genomics and various experimental models, which is fuelling the discovery of genes proteins and regulatory RNAs (ribonucleic acids) which are the natural suppressors of cancer,” said Prof Ian Brown, Chief Executive, Australian Cancer Research Foundation. “Converting these discoveries into actionable targets for drugs is the goal of the project,” he said.

Angel Lopez, co-director professor, Centre for Cancer Biology said the new facility will bring outstanding technology into South Australia and position the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) at the forefront of genomics research.

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