Express Pharma in association with Dino Morea Fitness


The initiative will educate people about the importance of Vitamin D, the website spreading awareness of Vitamin D announced an association with Dino Morea Fitness to raise awareness about Vitamin D. This social awareness initiative will target fitness enthusiasts who work out at the Dino Morea Fitness Stations set up across the city. The initiative will educate people about the importance of Vitamin D. The prevailing deficiency among people and the health issues resulting from the deficiencies.

With an increased awareness about fitness and its importance for good health, the number of people exercising for health is on a rise. To address this, Dino Morea Fitness has set up Street Fitness Stations for the public at various locations. These open air fitness stations are free of cost for the public to use and are present at locations where they go to exercise. Through its association with Dino Morea Fitness, Vitamin D Guru will endeavour to raise awareness about this important nutrient, Vitamin D.

While people are aware of the need for a good nutritional diet while exercising, most fitness enthusiasts ignore one aspect that is adequate intake of Vitamin D. Everyone needs Vitamin D. Adequate intake of Vitamin D has been linked to health and performance parameters including bone and muscle health, cardiac health, immunity and inflammation.

Dino Morea quoted, “I am happy to associate with VitaminDGuru. We both believe in a better l& healthier lifestyle. Vitamin D deficiency is a big health related issue which needs to be addressed immediately. My promotion of outdoor fitness coincides with the sentiments of VitaminDGuru, which is work out in the sun, get fit and get your daily dose of Vitamin D provided by the sun itself.” will showcase educational posters at the Dino Morea Fitness Centres.

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