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Veeva releases survey on digitalisation in Indian pharma


Reports reveals 66 per cent of respondents believe digital will become core to company strategy over the next three years

The Veeva 2016 Digital in Indian pharmaceutical survey explores the state of digital in the Indian pharma industry. The report draws on inputs from industry executives across the domains of sales, marketing, sales force and commercial excellence, digital marketing, information technology, and management.

The industry survey reveals that pharma companies in India will leverage digital as a part of their strategy to achieve greater commercial effectiveness. The Veeva 2016 Digital in Indian Pharma survey shows a shift in customers’ expectations to use new digital channels, with 93 per cent focussed on increased multi-channel interactions and 79 per cent on customer engagement.

With new opportunities in digital engagement, pharma companies are making digital core to their strategy with multi-channel CRM. The lack of a digital strategy is seen as one of the major challenges in adoption, along with organisational readiness. As digital teams work with the business units to understand digital requirements, there is a fragmented view of who should drive this transformation with 21 per cent believing management must lead the way.

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