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US-based Hysun forays into India market

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Ties up with Phyto Biotech, launches diabetic supplement ‘Suga Balanz’

US-based biotechnology company, Hysun, has made its debut in the Indian market with the launch of its diabetic supplement, ‘Suga Balanz’ to tackle root cause of diabetes. In India, the company has joined hands with Phyto Biotech to manufacture and sell the product with an initial capacity of 1M bottles.

Dr Samuel Yue, Founder, Hy-sun Biomedical, said, “With the launch of our maiden product, we look forward to make a significant contribution to the growing healthcare industry in India. We see a huge market potential here, given the large number of diabetic and pre-diabetic people in the country.”

Karan Kakkad, Director Marketing, Phyto Biotechd, said, “Suga Balanz which was being manufactured only in US, will now be manufactured in India also. The manufactured product will be made available in India and will also be exported to global markets. The lower manufacturing cost will make it more viable for some of the global price sensitive market.”

“Suga Balanz targets and decreases the insulin resistance i.e. makes insulin receptors more sensitive to insulin at cellular level among many of its functions,” Kakkad further added.

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