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Tarnea Tecnology Solutions launches cloud-based platform for pharmacies

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With the Tarnea SmartMile platform, pharmacies can engage with their customers, establish their online presence and streamline all the pharmacy functions

Tarnea Technology Solutions, a technology company based in Bengaluru, unveiled their Tarnea SmartMile platform at an event organised by the Andheri Chemists Welfare Association.

Tarnea SmartMile is a cloud-based platform for pharmacies to run their business. It opens up new possibilities for traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies to use the revolution in Internet and mobile to their advantage. With the Tarnea SmartMile platform, pharmacies can engage with their customers, establish their online presence and streamline all the pharmacy functions.

The launch of the Tarnea SmartMile platform for pharmacies was inaugurated by Premal Mehta, Secretary of Andheri Chemist Welfare Association. He is also the founder of several pharmacies himself.

The event was attended by several leaders from the pharma industry, including the office bearers of Andheri, Vile Parle and Santacruz Chemist Welfare Associations. Pravin B Mundhadha – Assistant Commissioner, FDA, Maharashtra, graced the occasion and delivered the keynote address.

During his address, Mehta drew attention to how technology and the Internet are changing the nature of all businesses. With an eye on the entry of online pharmacies and e-commerce, he urged all pharmacists to get equipped with technologies that can grow and drive their business.

He emphasised that pharmacy retailers, should think beyond traditional software and adopt tools that can develop their businesses. He observed, “As online pharmacies begin to enter the business, it important for pharmacists to adopt technologies for retaining their customers, and provide them great customer service. The Tarnea SmartMile platform is the first platform in the country to offer specialised tools to manage customers.”

This cloud based technology platform has been designed and built by Tarnea Technology Solutions. Tarnea SmartMile is being used by numerous pharmacies across AP and TN and has, till date, served more than 27.5 lakh end customers. The company is one of the top 0.5 per cent ventures in the world and was selected into the Startup Accelerator program of Microsoft.

Speaking at the event, Suresh Satyamurthy, CEO of Tarnea said, “Our mission is to bring world-class pharmacy management solution to Indian retailers/enable Indian retailers in use of world-class pharmacy management solutions. It is time to get pharmacies connected with their customers and suppliers using the Tarnea SmartMile platform.”

Madhav Sitaraman, CTO of Tarnea explained, “It is not just a point of sale solution for billing, it is a new way of doing business – both online and offline. It works on both traditional desktops and Android devices. It is appropriate for all kinds of pharmacies whether a hospital embedded pharmacy or on the street, and of any size. Being on the cloud it can be used even from your home and you will never lose your data.”

He detailed the inherent business benefits of the automation the platform brings to the pharmacy and how it provides unparalleled visibility into and control over its operations. He also elaborated on Tarnea’s focus on Customer Success driving its support plans. The quality of support and engagement is a key driver of the company’s success and it wants to ensure the same level of dedication and commitment to customers in Mumbai.

Elaborating on the benefits of technology in their business, Mehta added, “As a pharmacy owner, there is a need to keep complete track of the pharmacy operation – visibility to all inventory, minimise instances of lost sales because of no stock availability, track daily sales, to purchases, to even things like sales returns and stock adjustments, view past customer order history and make instant on-the-spot purchase recommendations, track sales and purchase of Schedule H items. Now with Tarnea SmartMile technology, SMS and email alerts for all important activities, dashboards giving detailed analytics facilitate better control and decision making of all operations.”

Mehta further added it enables retailers with multiple shops across the city, to manage business on the move, as they can access all the sales, inventory data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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