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Tarnea launches new product for pharmacy chains

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Cloud-based software platform allows for real-time control, 360-degree visibility, process optimization, and enables sales to customers online and offline.

Tarnea, a visionary in the pharma technology space that builds cutting-edge software solutions for the pharma retailing, is launching a new product designed especially for pharmacy chains. Tarnea’s SmartChains is India’s first and only cloud-based software platform that enables the digitalisation of all aspects of a pharmacy chain’s business, providing access to powerful data analytics and customer rewards programme to improve outlet management and guide process optimisation. The company has already started operations in three markets – Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada – offering Tarnea SmartChains to several pharmaceutical retail chains in these cities.

Tarnea’s SmartChains solution provides five key benefits to retailers. It allows digital engagement with customers in real-time, including providing the ability for online and offline sales; improves operating efficiency and maximizes profitability; enables rapid growth and scalability; centralizes all functions; and helps guide stock transfers between outlets for inventory optimisation. Additionally, it provides owners and managers with the ability to create, launch, and manage promotional campaigns as well as customer loyalty programs. Most importantly, it seeks to bring data analytics and business intelligence to pharmaceutical retail chains through data-driven stock optimization, product pricing, and insights that can be used to improve the effectiveness of promotional activities, through the company’s powerful EagleEye app.

Tarnea’s SmartChain creates a hub and spoke model for pharmaceutical retail chain management. The central hub for operations for the chains gets 100 per cent visibility and control over all business functions of the branches, including product and stock management, discount management, customer management, business reports, etc. The individual outlet version of the platform enables in-store business operations management, which can be monitored from the central hub. The platform acts as a digital medium between the business and its customers, even providing medication reminders and electronic billing functionality, enhancing the customer experience. It also enables the pharmacy chain to provide a white-label app for customers to check the availability and price of a medicine, and even buy digitally with the option of pick-up and home delivery of medicines. Tarnea SmartChains runs on military-grade servers with top-notch data security, ensuring that the personal medical information of patients is kept safe.

Commenting on the launch, Suresh Satyamurthy, CEO and Co-founder, Tarnea Technologies, said, “At Tarnea, we believe that the way a brick-and-mortar pharmacy operates can dramatically be improved through the introduction of data-driven analysis of business performance. This allows these businesses to constantly improve themselves, providing a better class and level of service to their customers. We are pleased to bring data analytics, business intelligence, and cutting-edge technology to a sector that is the most immediate point of contact for people looking for healthcare.”

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Tarnea’s SmartChains platform further provides automated compliance management and e-payment functionality to bring their processes up to the standards of the future. With this product, Tarnea is planning to target Guntur in addition to the existing markets the platform is available in, and plans to look at markets in Tamil Nadu, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai.

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