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Suven Life Sciences secures two product patents


The patents from the US and New Zealand are valid until 2030 and 2031

Suven Life Sciences has secured patents in the US (8912179) and New Zealand (614567) to one of their New Chemical Entity (NCE) for CNS therapy through new mechanism of action – H3 Inverse agonist. The patents are valid until 2030 and 2031 respectively. The granted claims of the patent include the class of selective H3 ligands discovered by Suven and are being developed as therapeutic agents and are useful in the treatment of cognitive impairment associated with neurodegenerative disorders.

Histaminargic dysfunction has been strongly associated with the cognitive and behavioural deficits observed in several CNS disorders. H3 receptor blockade elevates acetylcholine in brain regions responsible for cognition, thus offer a means for targeting cognitive processes. Novel, potent, selective, brain penetrant and orally active H 3 receptor inverse agonist for the treatment of cognitive deficits would offer new line of treatment for this unmet medical need.

With these new patents, Suven has a total of 20 granted patents from the US and 23 granted patents from New Zealand. Products out of these inventions may be out-licensed at various phases of clinical development like at Phase-I or Phase-II.

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