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SRM University organises Research Day

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512 papers were presented by students, research and faculty members of SRM University

Tamil Nadu-based SRM University recently celebrated Research Day to provide an opportunity for students to showcase and exhibit their burning aptitude for research as well as giving a chance to the student community to get a comprehensive knowledge on the diverse research activities being carried out in the institution. This year 512 papers were presented by students, research and faculty members of SRM University with gold and silver medals awarded for the best papers.

Stressing that the significance and value of scientific research is not measurable and that the devices available today are as a result of basic scientific research, Professor P Rama Rao, Chairman, Governing Council of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore argued that the Manhattan Project launched by the US was perhaps the quintessential example of grand synthesis of knowledge, investment manpower under a magnificent leader.

There are at least three aspects to higher learning that would have to be factored in argued Biswanath Mukherjee, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science from the University of California at Davis, USA-leadership and a ability to have a discourse with people whom we do not agree with; education and in the ease with which we handle situations that are not generally taught as a part of course work; and entertaining contrarian views.

“We are celebrating a number of events at this University that are quite common. But Research Day is special. We stand apart from others,” said the Founder Chancellor of SRM University, Dr TR Paarivendhar.

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