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Second International Ayurveda Congress to be held in London


Over 90 experts in Western and Ayurvedic medicine will present scientific studies showing how Ayurveda can help address major modern health problems

The Second International Ayurveda Congress will be held in London on April 1 and 2, 2017, bringing together the largest gathering of experts in Ayurvedic medicine outside of India. The Congress will be attended by Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of AYUSH, Government of India and other health leaders. The Congress is organised by the All India Ayurvedic Congress (AIAC), the International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation (IMAVF), and the International Academy of Ayurveda (IAA).

The world`s foremost research scientists and doctors in Ayurveda will present research on approaches to specific conditions and on preventing disease and promoting longevity.

The Congress will also showcase how Ayurveda’s preventative approach could ease costs in public health systems in the UK and worldwide, as highlighted in a recent early day motion in the UK Parliament recommending the use of Ayurveda in the National Health Service.

Delegates attending will be issued with a Continuing Professional Development certificate. The theme of the Congress is ‘Ayurveda – the Pursuit of Health, Happiness and Long Life through Prevention-Oriented Health Care.’ The patron is Dr Tony Nader, world pioneering researcher in the field of consciousness and physiology.

Keynote speakers will include Vaidya Devendra Triguna, President of All India Ayurvedic Congress (which represents 300,000 Ayuvedic doctors in India); Prof Dr Subhash Ranade, Chairman, International Academy of Ayurveda and Prof Dr Hari Sharma, Clinical Pathology and Integrative Medicine.

Topics covered in over 90 presentations will include brain health, cardiovascular diseases, youthfulness and longevity – genetics and epigenetics, skin health, women’s health, and nutrition, digestion and lifestyle, and Ayurvedic pharmacology.

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