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Schrödinger and SPARC announce collaboration to accelerate neurodegeneration drug development program


Collaboration brings together Schrödingers in silico discovery capabilities with SPARC’s novel insights into CNS pathways to speed drug development

Schrödinger and Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) has announced a research collaboration to accelerate the discovery of novel CNS therapeutics by leveraging Schrödinger’s advanced computational platform and SPARC’s drug development expertise and insights in neurodegeneration. Schrödinger, a company working on drug discovery through advanced molecular simulation, will focus on lead discovery and optimisation. SPARC, a clinical-stage company, will be responsible for compound synthesis and assays.

“This research collaboration is particularly exciting because neurodegeneration is an area where we urgently need more options for patients through novel approaches to drug discovery and development. SPARC has been working with leading academic researchers to explore pathways relevant to disorders of the central nervous system, and their insights are quite compelling. Teaming up will allow us to rapidly interrogate therapeutic compounds that target these pathways,” Ramy Farid, President and CEO, Schrödinger.

“We have used Schrödinger’s software for years and have experienced directly the power of their physics-based approaches to computational modeling, so we’re delighted to form a collaboration that lets us tap into the expertise of their drug discovery team as well. At SPARC, we’re committed to fueling innovation through both internal R&D and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, and this collaboration is a strong step in that direction. By working together, we can greatly accelerate the pace of innovation,” said Anil Raghavan, CEO, SPARC.

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