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SCHOTT KAISHA, Vanrx Pharmasystems announce product compatibility for primary packaging of sterile injectables


The Alliance was created because next-generation drugs require highly aligned manufacturing processes and packaging solutions

SCHOTT KAISHA and Vanrx Pharmasystems are announcing compatibility between SCHOTT KAISHA’s ready-to-use nested syringes, cartridges and stoppers, and Vanrx’s Aseptic Filling Workcells.

The two companies have worked together to confirm these containers and closures as Product Sets as part of the Matrix Alliance, an industry initiative of leading packaging and component suppliers which aims to provide pre-validated container-closure solutions to work on Vanrx’s robotic aseptic filling machines. The Alliance was created because next-generation drugs require highly aligned manufacturing processes and packaging solutions.

These Product Sets are fully commercially available and ready-to-use (RTU), with closure integrity performance results available from SCHOTT KAISHA and Vanrx.

Using these Product Sets, pharmaceutical companies have the assurance that the combination will function as a high-performance primary packaging system for sterile injectables. Additionally, all elements of the set have been proven for compatibility and machinability with Vanrx aseptic filling systems.

Companies can move drug products to market faster, by establishing flexible manufacturing operations using pre-sterilised, nested ready-to-use containers and closures in combination with Vanrx’s robotic aseptic filling systems.

As of this date, Product Set combinations are available in SCHOTT KAISHA 1 mL long syringes with SCHOTT KAISHA nested syringe stoppers in both 100 and 160 unit per nest configurations, and SCHOTT KAISHA 3 mL cartridges with SCHOTT KAISHA nested cartridge stoppers in a 100 unit per nest configuration. Contacts to request samples and performance specifications are listed below. These products are certified to work with Vanrx’s SA25 Aseptic Filling Workcell.

Rishad Dadachanji, Director, SCHOTT KAISHA said, “As ready-to-use solutions gain traction in the market, we are determined to create a large portfolio consisting of all standard sizes, commercially available to our customers. Apart from being able to offer only the packaging, Vanrx and SCHOTT KAISHA have taken the initiative to have our components validated for compatibility and machinability with the Vanrx system. This pre-validated combination of a single machine and broad product portfolio allows us to provide tested and reliable solutions to our common customers, enabling them with the flexibility to fill multiple sizes and a variety of products with ease.”

Greg Speakman, Vice President  of marketing, Vanrx’s said, “Vanrx and SCHOTT KAISHA have seen the how pharma companies are shifting toward building flexible manufacturing operations. SCHOTT KAISHA and Vanrx are helping bring new products to market faster, benefiting the patient and our customers’ ability to respond to uncertain market conditions.”

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