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Sanofi Pasteur launches FluQuadri, India’s first four-strain influenza vaccine


Quadrivalent influenza vaccines are the latest innovative prevention tools to provide broader protection against influenza

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine division of Sanofi, announced today the launch of its 4-strain influenza vaccine FluQuadri in India. FluQuadri will be India’s first quadrivalent vaccine to provide broader protection against influenza to population above three years of age.

Currently, the majority of seasonal influenza vaccines are trivalent, meaning that they protect against: two A strains and one single B lineage (B/Victoria or B/Yamagata) of Influenza virus. However, over the recent flu seasons, co-circulation of both B lineages has been consistently observed, making it difficult for the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend which B strain should be incorporated in trivalent influenza vaccines.

Dr Vijay Yewale, Director & Consultant Pediatrician, Dr Yewale’s Multispecialty Hospital, Navi Mumbai; and Head, ICH, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “There are two different subtypes of influenza type B causing disease in human. The vaccine available until now includes only one of the influence B subtypes and thus protects against only against the one included in the vaccine. The influenza vaccine is freshly prepared twice in a year and influenza viruses types, both A and B are included in the vaccine based on the scientific prediction made about the types likely to circulate in the year.”

“In the decade between 2000 and 2010, 50 per cent of the times in Europe and USA the disease causing B subtype in circulation was different from the one included in the vaccine. This would leave vaccinated individuals unprotected against the subtype that’s not included in the vaccine. A quadrivalent vaccine offers protection against all four subtypes – two Influenza B and the two Influenza A subtypes. This protects them against all the circulating subtypes,” adds Dr Yewale.

“Sanofi Pasteur remains at the forefront of innovation to fight the underestimated burden of influenza. Our 60+ years of expertise in influenza prevention inspires us to pursue better vaccine solutions to combat the burden of the disease. By making FluQuadri available to the Indian population, we aim to provide broader protection for people three years of age and older against this severe disease and its potentially life-threatening complications”, said Jean-Pierre Baylet, Country Head, Sanofi Pasteur South Asia.

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