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Sanner launches senior-friendly closure for effervescent packaging

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FOG 27 closure can be opened in about a third of the time – and with 70 per cent less physical effort compared to conventional closures

20160630ep45Sanner, a manufacturer of primary plastic packaging, has developed a new closure for effervescent packaging. Reportedly, participants of a comparative study confirm that the new FOG 27 closure can be opened in about a third of the time – and with 70 per cent less physical effort compared to conventional closures.

According to the German Federal Association of Senior Citizens‘ Organizations (BAGSO), more than 90 per cent of senior citizens struggle with opening consumer packaging in general; three quarters criticise the handling properties of opening mechanisms in particular.

“For producers of food supplements this is a decisive factor,” says Ursula Hahn, product manager at Sanner. “In case of bad experiences with the packaging, repurchase rates decline considerably.” To find a remedy, Sanner has developed the new, user-friendly FOG 27 closure – and let consumers judge in a comprehensive study.

The test, conducted by the market research institutes Quo Vadis and Packaging Intelligence, focused on the way of opening, as well as the time and physical effort required. The quantitative handling test surveyed 120 women (60 per cent) and men (40 per cent) in charge of their respective households, who purchase and consume vitamin, mineral or painkiller tablets two to three times per month.

Reportedly, 87 per cent of the participants confirmed the intuitive opening. Apart from the easy removal of the warranty band, testers particularly appreciated the painless, single-handed opening. They neither complained about pressure marks on their thumb, nor about aching fingers. As far as opening time is concerned, participants required approximately a third of the time to open the FOG 27 (9.2 instead of 25.8 seconds). The amount of physical effort needed for the first opening is significantly lower: 12 newton instead of 36 newton.

In terms of tightness, the FOG 27 is just as reliable as conventional closures: despite the easy opening, full product protection is ensured. “One of the reasons,” Ursula Hahn explains, is that the FlipTop of the new closure is tightly attached to the tube and can be intuitively closed.” Another advantage: the closure cannot get lost.

Together with the Brilliance Tubes from Sanner, which are decorated using in-mold labelling (IML) technology, customers receive an all-in-one solution for convenience and attention at point-of-sale. The Brilliance Tubes offer high-quality, photorealistic printing with endless design varieties. The font size can be flexibly adapted to improve readability. Especially expressive motifs attract customers’ attention; sales messages can be conveyed without many words.

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