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Rusan Pharma launches new approved drug for treatment of PD


APOSAN will be available in the form of injections, pen and continuous infusion pumps

Rusan Pharma announced the launch of APOSAN -Apomorphine Hydrochloride (HCl), being the only company in India to receive an approval from the DCG(I). It is India’s first product to be indigenously developed and manufactured by Rusan. APOSAN is used for the treatment of motor fluctuations (ON-OFF) in patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) which are not sufficiently controlled by oral anti-Parkinson’s medication currently available in India. APOSAN will be available in the form of injections, pen and continuous infusion pumps.

Rusan is a fully integrated global pharma player which is one of the few manufacturers globally of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) – Apomorphine Hydrochloride and has now launched the finished formulation approved by the Indian DCG(I), thus ensuring continuous supplies for the Indian PD patients. Rusan has been exporting it’s API to the global market where the finished formulation has been available for than a decade.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Kunal Saxena, MD, Rusan Pharma said, “Rusan, has always put forward indigenously developed high technology advanced delivery products in the Indian market. Being a Make in Indiaproduct, we want to ensure the treatment is affordable and accessible to all PD patients. Since, PD is a chronic disease, we aim to bring the per day cost to patients down to an affordable price. With APOSAN, the cost of the product for a daily dose (between 30 – 60 mg), in India will range between ₹ 475 to ₹ 950 per day as compared to Apomorphine Pens in the UK ranging between ₹ 2,250 to ₹ 4,500 per day. To make the therapy even more affordable and ensuring ease of use, we will be launching the APOSAN pens and APOSAN continuous infusion pumps which will be provided free of cost to the patients with Rusan’s APOSAN therapy.”

Dr Saxena added, “APOSAN will be available pan India by January 2019. With the APOSAN therapy, Rusan will also be launching the APOSAN HOPE PROGRAM which will consist of HOPE NURSESwho will offer support free of cost to doctors, nurses, patients and their caregivers on the safe and effective use of the APOSAN range of products. The programme will also offer HOPE HELPLINE, a dedicated toll-free number 1-800-103-0475 which will help patients understand the therapy, the product and where they can find a doctor near them in their city.”


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