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Rentokil partners with PCI


To consolidate leadership position in Indian pest control market and to set new standards in hygiene

Rentokil Initial has entered into an agreement to form a joint venture with Pest Control India (PCI) and to acquire a 57 per cent stake in the new joint venture. As a part of the transaction, the company will merge its Indian business into the joint venture. The combined entity will be the largest provider of pest control services and products in India with combined annual revenues of Rs 450 crores, it will operate from 250 locations and employ 6,900 people.

Adulteration of any pharmaceutical raw materials, medicines and medical equipment not only destroys the affected goods and causes production losses, but also results in a devastating loss of customer trust and product recall. Similarly, environmental hygiene is paramount in healthcare and medical facilities as it is crucial to the prevention of healthcare associated infection (HCAI). Though it is important for patient treatment and accommodation facilities to be always kept as clean and sterile as possible to minimise the risk of cross contamination that could eventually leads to HCAI, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and treatment centres are often busy places with food usually prepared on the premises, which attract pests such as rats, cockroaches, flies and ants.

For the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, Rentokil reportedly provides the most effective pest control solution to protect heavily regulated manufacturing sites as well as healthcare facilities with a proactive integrated pest management programme to ensure the comprehensive and professional protection of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment.

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