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Registration brochure of 70th IPC released

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Sponsorship opportunities brochure and advertisement-cum-souvenir brochure were released by other group of members

The 3rd meeting of LOC of 70th IPC was recently held in New Delhi, where the registration brochure was released. BR Sikri, Chairman, LOC in his introductory remarks welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the meeting in large number. Sikri informed that in the 2nd IPCA meeting held recently in Mumbai with Dilip Shanghavi, most of the points were discussed with regards to arrangement and conduction of IPC. Sikri informed that discussions regarding the registration brochure were discussed in details and modified as per the suggestions. He insisted that Shanghavi was concerned about the budget and quality of participation.


Atul Nasa, Organizing Secretary, LOC of 70th IPC acknowledged and thanked Ashok Chauhan for his formal consent to offer Amity University, Noida Campus for the forthcoming 70th IPC. Nasa invited senior members like SL Nasa, SL Sobti, PP Sharma, PK Jaggi, Bhanu Dua, Prof Roop K Khar, Prof Shahid Ansari for the release of registration brochure. The colours and design of the brochure were appreciated by everyone. Similarly sponsorship opportunities brochure and advertisement-cum-souvenir brochure were released by other group of members. The brochures are ready to dispatch to all the members of federating association.



Nasa invited all the chairpersons of various task committees to make presentation on the progress of their respective committee. Dr Vijay Bhalla will look after registration, Dr Arun Garg scientific services, Prof Roop K Khar will take care of the reception, Dr Harvinder Popli on inauguration, PK Jaggi on press and publicity, Bharat Bhushan on accommodation, Dr Raman Dang on volunteers, Prof Shahid Ansari on information and promotion and discussions were held in details about the progress of their committees.


Apart from them, Rajesh Madan will take care of industrial relations, Aprajita Takiar on women empowerment, Dr Kanchan Kohli on ladies hospitality, Dr Ajay Sachan on finance, KB Gupta on medical services, Mahendra Singh on transport, Arvind Manchanda on training placement and entrepreneurship, Sree Kumar on exhibition and Sundeep BJ on sight seeing.

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