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Premas Life Sciences and IncellDx sign distribution agreement

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It follows the successful study at AIIMS Institute utilising IncellDx’s (3Dx) investigational molecular assay

Premas Life Sciences and IncellDx have signed an exclusive distribution agreement. Included in the deal are IncellDx’s patented single-cell assays for quantifying PD-L1 on tumour cells and immune cell subtypes; patented single-cell assay for HPV E6/E7 mRNA detection in cervical samples; and, its incellPREP single-cell preparation kit for solid tissues including tumours.

It follows a study done by researchers at AIIMS, New Delhi who have completed a successful study utilising IncellDx’s (3Dx) investigational molecular assay which quantifies E6, E7 mRNA overexpression in single cells simultaneously with the measurement of cell cycle and cell proliferation, the hallmark of progressive disease.

Praveen Gupta, MD, Premas Life Sciences commented, “India’s molecular diagnostics market needs a refreshing change with IncellDx’s OncoTect assays that offer revolutionary single cell proteomic and genomics marker based diagnostic and more importantly a prognostic solutions for early detection and staging for cancer patients with more targeted immuno-onco therapies. India’s cancer burden is increasing and IncellDx offers a perfect path for highly effective companion diagnostic not just to researchers but also to patients. We are indeed delighted to be a part of this change.”

Bruce Patterson MD, CEO of IncellDx commented, “We are excited about this opportunity to bring molecular testing to the flow cytometry field in a region of the world with a great appetite for innovation in the molecular space. The hallmark of cancer research is the quantification of oncogenes and the downstream effects on cell cycle which we have incorporated into a clinical assay. However, as cytology samples contain a heterogeneous mixture of normal and abnormal cells, it is critical that we are able to carry out quantification at the single cell level.”

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