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Patent Gurukul announces new PG certificate course in patent law & practice


The three-month course intends to train students with claims drafting, filing of patent application and patent prosecution

Patent Gurukul has recently announced a PG certificate course in Patent Law & Practice. The course will emphasise on concepts of subject matter, criteria, different filing procedures and office actions.

Patent Gurukul has successfully completed nine batches to date with its first batch receiving their certificate on September 23, 2006. The academy aims to contribute to patent awareness and proficiency generation amongst industry and law professionals. It also provides opportunity for learning knowledge management and more particularly patent laws and other forms of intellectual properties. This will enable to enhance value-creation and value-extraction, which is essential for asset-building and higher economic outcomes.

Patent Gurukul is headed by Dr Gopakumar G Nair, who has over 40 years industry experience and has overviewed and interacted during the Uruguay Round and the birth of WTO and TRIPs. Dr Nair is a registered patent and trademark agent. The Gurukul is a first-of-its-kind endeavour to congregate law, science and management to unleash the patent realm providing the much needed interface between industry and academia.

Keeping with these principles, the three months course intends to train the students with prior art search, specification and claims drafting, filing of patent application and patent prosecution. The advantage of this course is that it will be based on case studies and procedural practice to enable professionals to acquire skills and proficiency within a short span.

Starting from August 19, 2018, students, professionals and executives in law, science and technology stream, everyone is welcome to apply to this course.

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