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MedGenome acquire Illumina Hiseq X Ten platform


The machines are expected to be operational in India and the US by next month

MedGenome has purchased the Illumina Hiseq X Ten platform to fuel its genomic research services capability and capacity, informed a company release. Reportedly, MedGenome joins a small number of global players in the genomics research space, and the first one in South-East Asia, to own one of these high throughput Illumina sequencing platforms.

“We are passionate about improving human health through use of genomics research and insights,” said Sam Santhosh, Chairman and Global CEO, MedGenome. “We will have these machines operational in India and the US by next month and will be looking forward to collaborating with various large scale genomic projects in the region and abroad,” he said.

“The HiSeq X Ten System is the first and only platform to break the $1000 barrier for high quality human whole genome sequencing. We are happy to partner with MedGenome to drive the genomics revolution in India and continue to work towards our vision of unlocking the power of the genome,” said Tim Orpin, Vice President Asia Pacific, Illumina.

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