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Mankind Pharma launches anti-hypertensive drug

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The drug Azilsartan will offer potent and persistent 24 hours’ blood pressure control

Mankind Pharma has launched anti-hypertensive-drug Zolahart (Azilsartan), at an affordable price of Rs 7.50 per tablet. Aiming at reducing the most commonly related disease of hypertension, the introduction of Zolahart (Azilsartan) at 51 per cent less price, is done with the mission of achieving the prime objective of – world class quality at most affordable price.

Azilsartan, a new generation anti-hypertensive drug, offers potent and persistent 24 hours’ blood pressure control. It is proven to be safe for hypertensive patients with comorbid conditions like diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The recently launched Angiotensin-receptor-blocker (Azilsartan) is the most potent amongst ARBs and is expected to reduce the proportion of patients of uncontrolled BP considerably.

RC Juneja, Chairman and Founder, Mankind Group said, “At Mankind, we endeavour to bring the latest innovative therapies with assured quality that address primary healthcare challenge in India – world class quality at an affordable price. It is with this thought, we decided to launch Zolahart (Azilsartan), the latest anti-hypertensive drug at the most affordable price of 7.50/Tab” which is 51 per cent less than other competitors.

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