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Lupin enters dermatology segment in Brazil

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The company enters Brazil under the Lupin high-end skin science umbrella

Pharma major Lupin has entered into the prescription dermatology segment in Brazil with the launch of Fillerina and Recrexina under the Lupin high-end skin science umbrella.

Valued at USD 28 billion, Brazil is the world’s sixth largest pharmaceutical market, driven by growing public health expenditure and increasing household income. The dermatology segment in Brazil, worth USD 1.5 billion, and growing at 10 per cent (CAGR) is one of the fastest growing segments in the country.

Fillerina is a high-end anti-aging technology that incorporates a deep action innovative formulation to fill wrinkles and expression lines. Its use of six different molecular weight hyaluronic acid molecules in the formulation combats signs of aging, with clinical evidence of a lifting and plumping effect and reduction in wrinkles.

Recrexina is a hair-growth formulation which stimulates natural hair growth in active and partially inactive follicles, through the use of a patented formulation of biostimulating molecules which preserve the stem cells in hair follicles. Its exclusive five-way mechanism of action addresses the key factors that impact hair including hair bulb nutrition and reduction of five-alpha reductase activity.

As part of the launch, Lupin has also launched a 360-degree communications campaign, focused on healthcare professionals, pharmacy chains, and regional and national medical associations in Brazil.

“The launch of Lupin High-End Skin Science is a recognition of Lupin Brazil’s capabilities within the pharmaceutical market, and with the launch of Fillerina and Recrexina, we look to executing on our capabilities in this sector and address the dermatological needs of the market. The dermatology segment is a rapidly growing portion of the Brazilian pharmaceutical market. The establishment of this new division to cater to Brazil’s fast growing dermatological segment will further strengthen our presence in the region and serve to drive our future expansion plans.” said Martin Mercer, President, Latin America, Lupin.

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