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Lilly MDR-TB Partnership launches a compilation of patient stories on MDR-TB

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Titled ‘Voices from TB’, it tells the stories of TB survivors in India

Lilly MDR-TB partnership has released of a compilation of patient stories with insights on the disease burden and health implications of TB in India. The book is authored by Chapal Mehra, a well-known TB activist and provides a platform for people to share the stories of their struggle against the disease.

The patient case book describes the grit and determination that the battle against TB requires of patients, particularly those who suffer from MDR-TB. Written from the perspective of a patient, the book seeks to break common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the disease. These stories successfully capture the sense of struggle and triumph underlying every survivor’s story in their battle against the disease. Lilly was proud to be of support during this venture, as this echoes the company’s initiatives in the TB space in India.

Speaking about the book, Mehra said, “I am grateful that my humble attempt to throw more light on the struggles of TB patients will have the chance to reach more people. It is my hope that this book will empower more TB patients to speak out, have their voices heard and increase awareness that TB is a curable disease.”

The most commonly shared patient experience is the need for guidance and support to adhere to the full treatment protocol. The lack of a supportive environment as well as other physical and economic challenges often force patients to abandon treatment. This leads to patients developing drug resistant TB. Other issues that contribute to developing MDR-TB are delayed diagnosis and treatment, severe side-effects and societal stigma.

Anant Garg, Director of Corporate Affairs, Pricing, Reimbursement & Access, Eli Lilly said, “We realised that there are not many platforms where people who have gone through this difficult journey can share personal insights and articulate the real challenges and issues that they face. This book is our little attempt in that direction and will hopefully help all the stakeholders relate better to those who have been impacted, and reflect on how to contribute in our own capacity to make life better for them.”

The book covers the multiple social, economic and cultural determinants that come into play in tackling TB and illustrate how awareness, empowerment, family support and social stigma are possibly the most decisive factors in determining a TB patient’s ability to fight this disease. The book will be distributed among state TB officials, civil society organisations and partners working in the space of tuberculosis.

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