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KC Chatterjee Memorial Lecture held at IPC 2018


Discussions were held on regulations of medical devices and role of state regulatory authorities

The Presidential Session on day one of IPC 2018 was followed by a series of memorial lectures.
Delivering the KC Chatterjee Memorial Lecture, Dr Anil Kumar Negi, Assistant Drugs Controller /Licensing Authority, Drugs Control Department, Government of NCT of Delhi gave an introduction to the role of state regulatory authorities in medical devices regulations.

With the publishing of the Medical Devices Rules 2017 as well as the recent furore over ASR hip implants, there is need for medical devices to be more closely regulated.

Thus this lecture was a very important part of the agenda at IPC 2018 and will go a long way towards sensitising the fraternity of pharma professionals, both already part of industry as well as students aspiring to join the industry.



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