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ISCR’s theme for International Clinical Trials Day 2018 is Patients First

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Several activities across the country will be organised to commemorate the day

Patients First, a theme that acknowledges the role of patients in a clinical trial, will continue as the Indian Society for Clinical Research’s (ISCR) theme for International Clinical Trials Day 2018. May 20 is celebrated world over as International Clinical Trials Day.

ISCR will organise several activities across the country on the day from seminars and training programmes to patient interactions and awareness programmes. A patient guide addressing the most frequent questions of patients in a clinical trial and an educational film on clinical trials are also material that ISCR has developed and will be distributing on the occasion.

“Our theme of Patients First addresses patients at two levels,” said Dr Chirag Trivedi, President, ISCR. “One on hand, it acknowledges the role of every patient whose participation in a clinical trial has contributed to a better understanding of medicine and helped bring newer drugs to the market. At another level, it recognises patients who wait in hope of more effective treatment that will help then lead qualitatively better lives. On International Clinical Trials Day, we reiterate our commitment to patients.”

“ISCR is fully supportive of the initiatives to create a more robust and regulated environment which ensures the practice of the highest standards of ethics and quality and where patient rights and safety are protected. However, we need to bring more trials back to India for the sake of our large patient population,” added Trivedi.

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