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IPM touches Rs. 96,372 crores in August, growth of 14 per cent: IMS Health


Sun Pharma,with market share of 8.01 per cent, continues to top the charts

IMS Health’s market reflection report for August 2015 values the Indian pharmaceutical market (IPM) at Rs 96,372 crores, with a growth of 14 per cent for Moving Annual Total (MAT) August 2015. Anti-infectives, Cardiac and Gastro Intestinal remains the leading therapeutic categories accounting for 36 per cent of IPM.

Indian companies continue to drive growth,Indian companies accounting for seven out of top 10 players, indicating the dominance of domestic companies, with Sun Pharma occupying the top position in the IPM market, with a market share of 8.01 per cent.

Anti-infectives continues to remain the leading therapeutic category and accounts for 36 per cent of IPM in combination with Cardiac and Gastro Intestinal in both MAT and month basis. Acute therapies constituted 71 per cent of IPM during the month.

The top 10 companies constituted between 42-43 per cent share of IPM on MAT and month basis whereas the top 150 companies continued to account for 97 per cent of IPM on MAT and month basis.

In terms of Total Sales Audit (TSA), Lupin registered the highest growth while Mankind continued its robust performance on MAT basis among the top 10 companies. On the other hand, Mankind Pharma registered significant growth during the month in the Secondary Sales Audit (SSA) while Lupin, Mankind and Macleods posted significant growth on MAT basis.

Reflecting the impact of NLEM on sales, volume growth of NLEM impacted drugs recorded a regressive -2.5 per cent, with this category constituting 14 per cent of IPM in value terms during the month with a growth of one per cent over same period last year (SPLY). The share of the non-NLEM drugs was 86 per cent of IPM in value terms with a significant growth of 13 per cent over the same period last year.

Chronic therapies registered significant growth of 16.8 per cent during the month, higher than the growth registered by acute therapies in Aug’15. DPP4 inhibitors and combinations continued to remain the leading therapeutic sub-group with an impressive growth of 31.05 per cent.

The largest subgroup in anti-infectives was Amoxycillin and Clav. during the month, while Meropenem registered significant growth of 17 per cent. Most of the anti-diabetic and cardiac therapeutic sub-groups reflected significant double digit growth.

Among the top 40 performing brands, ORS-L registered outstanding growth of 431 per cent during the month. The companies with the highest number of brands among the top 40 are GSK with 5, Alkem with 5 brands and Abbott with 4 brands. Among the top 10, Galvus Met, Prevenar-13 and Novomix registered robust growth above 30 per cent.

Therapy-wise trends show that respiratory and anti-infectives registered significant growth over previous month. Though the former continue to constitute the largest market share of 14 per cent during the month, it reflected a negative growth over previous year on account of the surge seen in Aug 2014 on account of the flu/fever attack.

In terms of star brands for the month, Mixtard is the No 1 brand, (TSA as per Aug’15 MAT, compared to July’015 MAT). Similarly, Voveran and Galvus Met gained 2 ranks to occupy 8th & 10th position respectively. Novomix, Lantus, Janumet, Panderm+ & Pan have gained 1 rank each to occupy 12th, 16th, 17th, 20th & 24th position, respectively.

Among the Top 25 products as per Aug’15 month (in comparison to July’15 month) Mixtard remains the No 1 brand, while Taxim gained 10 ranks to occupy 23rd position. Monocef gained seventh ranks to occupy third position and Clavam gained sixth ranks to occupy 12th position. Novomix, Janumet and Foracort gained third ranks each to occupy ninth, 17th and 21st position respectively. Corex and Shelcal gained 2 ranks each to occupy 2nd & 19th position respectively. Galvus MET, Volini and Pan gained first rank each to occupy 7th, 15th and 22nd position respectively.

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