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IPM clocks Rs 123973 crores in May 2018


Cardiac therapy has moved to become the No. 1 therapy in the IPM by overtaking the anti-infective therapy

The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) clocked Rs 123973 crores and grew at 6.8 per cent as of MAT May 2018. For the month of May the value was Rs 10918 crores with a strong growth of 10.9 per cent


Top 10 companies grew at a strong 13 per cent growth over SPLY and clocked a combined revenue of Rs 4717 crores for the month of May 2018 with their share constant at 43 per cent in the IPM. Six of these top 10 companies grew in double digits with Abbott (14 per cent) and Alkem (14 per cent) being showing strongest growths. Companies in 11-20 Rank bracket also grew strongly at 12 per cent combined where Intas (15 per cent) and Glenmark (14 per cent) were among the frontrunners


Top 10 brands in the IPM were valued at Rs 356 crores combined and grew at 12 per cent for the month of May 18 and 6 of these showed double digit growth with Novomix (25 per cent) and Thyronorm (21 per cent) leading the way in terms of growth with only

Galvus Met (-2 per cent) showing de-growth. However, the major growth drivers were brands ranked 11-20 which grew at a healthy 17 per cent combined growth where Shelcal (29 per cent) and Becosules (28 per cent) were amongst the fastest growing

Indian companies maintained their dominance in the IPM with a share of 79 per cent for the month of February 2018 and grew combined at a strong 11 per cent growth rate while the MNCs also performed well with a 10 per cent growth.

Chronic therapy continued to increase its share with it now occupying 36 per cent share in IPM as against 64 per cent of Acute. Both therapies, however, showed strong growth with chronic growing at 12 per cent and acute growing at 10 per cent.

Cardiac therapy has moved to become the No. 1 therapy in the IPM by overtaking the anti-infective therapy. This has been possible because of its stable growth over the years. It clocked Rs 1335 crore for May 2018 and grew at par with the IPM at 10 per cent. Among its top 10 molecules Cilnidipine (20 per cent) grew the fastest while the top molecule Rosuvastatin (6 per cent) grew at a decent rate. 8 of the Top 10 brands grew strongly in double digits with Cilacar (33 per cent) and Brilinta (31 per cent) among the strongest in growth.


Gastro intestinal therapy also jumped 1 rank and became the new No. 2 therapy in IPM with a revenue of Rs 1235 crore and growth of 8 per cent. The growth was driven by top molecules like Pantoprazole + Domperidone (14 per cent) an Bacillus Clausii (27 per cent). Pan (23 per cent) and Pantop-D (21 per cent) were among fastest growing top 10 brands where 9 of them grew in double digits.

Anti-infective therapy moved down 2 places in the IPM and now is the 3rd largest therapy with a value of Rs 1187 crores for the month of May 2018 with a decent growth of 7 per cent. All Top 10 molecules grew positively with Amikacin (18 per cent) showing the fastest growth. 8 among the Top 10 brands grew in double digits with 4 of them growing over 20 per cent where Mikacin (31 per cent) and Clavam (23 per cent) were among the leaders in terms of growth.

Anti-diabetics is back to its No. 4 position in the IPM and continued to show a strong double digit growth of 13 per cent and value of Rs 1071 crore for the month of May 2018. Insulins have driven growth for the therapy with Inter+Fast Acting (21 per cent), Long Acting (21 per cent) and Fast Acting (23 per cent) all growing robustly. SGLT2 inhibitors (46 per cent) and Teneligliptin + Metformin (61 per cent) continued to be the fastest growing top 10 molecules. All top 10 brands performed well except Galvus Met de-growing at -2 per cent.

Other top therapies like vitamins/ minerals/ nutrients (Rs 909 crore and 12 per cent growth), Derma (Rs 814 crore and 14 per cent growth), Respiratory (Rs 689 crore and 14 per cent growth) and Gynaec. (Rs 552 crore and 12 per cent growth) also performed strongly for the month which was the reason for a double digit growth of the IPM.

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