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IDMA organises 20th PAC 2018

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The theme of IDMA-APA PAC 2018 was Best Practices for World Class Generics

The Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA) along with Association of Pharmaceutical Analysts’ has organised the 20th Pharmaceutical Analysts’ Convention (PAC) on May 18-19, 2018 in Mumbai on the theme ‘Best Practices for World Class Generics’.

The Convention was well-attended with participation of 200 delegates from more than 60 pharma companies. Delegates included employees and experts from various disciplines such as Pharma Analysis, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Production, R & D, Academia, Marketing, Past Presidents, IDMA Executive Committee Members along with IPC Officials, CDSCO and NTTL Officials, USP The event was supported by over 14 companies including Optel India, Toshvin Analytical, ACG Associated Capsules, LGC, Mercury Laboratories, Manisha Analytical Laboratories, Sotax India, ThermoFisher Scientific, Thermolab Scientific Equipments (Thermolab Group) Chromachemie, Autocal Solutions, Anchrom Enterprises, DBS Bank & the United States Pharmacopoeia India.

PAC 2018 also witnessed the historic signing of MOU between IDMA and National Chamber of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Sri Lanka (NCPM), with IDMA National President Deepnath Roy Chowdhury and President of NCPM Dr. Lohita Samarawickrema signing the MOU. PAC 2018 commenced with ceremonious lighting of lamp by the dignitaries. The inaugural session was facilitated by Daara B Patel, Secretary General, IDMA.

He further says, “The Pharmaceutical Analysts’ Convention 2018 marks 2 decades of our continuous efforts to bring analysts, industry heads, regulatory chief and academia from all over India and overseas together on one platform to discuss and work out strategies for the development, and growth of our industry towards world class quality and global compliance”.

Deepnath Roy Chowdhury delivering the welcome address says, “IDMA has always believed in best practices, training and equipping members to meet regulatory challenges. For the 3rd consecutive year Department of Pharmaceuticals and IDMA successfully organised a series of workshops & seminars on upgrading regulatory and manufacturing standards for SMEs”. He also said that the role of top management is crucial in setting high aspiration, right quality mindsets and providing right resources and infrastructure.

He says, “World Health Organisation’s assessment of Indian National Regulatory Agency and the encouraging result of the survey conducted in India by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare regarding NSQs & Spurious Drugs are significant developments in India’s march towards ensuring ‘Best Practices for World Class Generics”. J L Sipahimalani, Quality Management & Technical Committee, IDMA & APA, spoke on ‘Significance of PAC – Journey through 20 Years’. S M Mudda, Chairman, Regulatory Affairs Committee, IDMA & APPQM Programme Director, delivered presentation on “Leadership for Quality Excellence”.

Chief Guest Dr S Eswara Reddy, Drugs Controller General of India, Special Guest of Honour, Dr Madhur Gupta, Technical Officer-Pharmaceuticals, WHO India Country Office and Dr Ranjit Shahani, Chairman Emeritus, OPPI, Former VC & MD, Novartis India were formally introduced to the congregation by Daara Patel.

Chief Guest – Dr Reddy, in his address said that the theme of the Convention ‘Best Practices For World Class Generics’ was well considered from the industry point of view. However, as a Regulator, he recognised and abided by Drugs & Cosmetics Act and Rules only which does not define or recognise the word ‘Generic’. As far as he was concerned, a drug is a drug should have qualities of stability, safety and efficacy whether generic or patented and should also be affordable for the patients.

Dr Gupta delivered a presentation on, ‘Medical Products Reforms and the Innovation Landscape in India’. In her address she shared that the sustainable development goal is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages. The main goals are to expand access to quality assured medicines and health products and emphasises the promotion of health throughout the life course and universal health coverage. Also to ensure that quality essential medicines and health products are available in sufficient quantities and affordable to the population through functioning regulatory and procurement systems. She also discussed about the current initiative of WHO India. Dr Gupta mentioned that WHO India office has the largest number of staff among the various WHO offices including their Head office.

The ‘Young Pharmaceutical Analyst Award 2018’ was awarded to Dr Swapnil Chudiwal, Wokhardt Research Centre and the 20 th IDMA-APA PAC Prof. Dr. R T Sane Outstanding Pharmaceutical Analyst Award 2018’ was presented to Dr Mrunal Jaywant, USP India for their continued contribution to quality excellence and future potential in pharma industry.

Various technical presentations, panel discussions and break-out sessions were held over the 2 days. Dr Milind Joshi and Ms Meena Shah very ably facilitated and moderated the Convention.

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