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India Tech Conclave to focus on possibilities enabled by AI & Automation


The conclave will look at various components that are essential to the making of a good manufacturing process enabled by AI and Automation technologies

The upcoming India Tech Conclave will be held on October 24 and 25 at Westin, Mumbai with the objective to highlight how AI and Automation will be the norm and a break away from being a novel tool in core business processes especially for pharmaceutical and FMCG manufacturing companies in the near future.

When AI becomes the industry standard domestically and internationally, the need to carefully compile and curate data will be the driving force to successfully implement Automation enabled by AI. Variables selected by companies today are what will set the tone for AI efficacy in the long run, and the aim to achieve industry 4.0 will be the need of the hour for Indian Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies. This will be possible only when AI and Automation are implemented efficiently in various business processes.

India Tech Conclave will look at various components that are essential to the making of a good manufacturing process enabled by AI and Automation technologies. It will attempt to encompass a spectrum of topics and themes to adequately address important variables that may or may not affect manufacturing companies in India especially when competing in an ever changing technologically driven global market.

The focus areas of this conclave will be on:

  • Companies (domestic and international) who have successfully implemented AI and Automation technologies in their business processes
  • The possibilities and scope of success enabled by AI & Automation
  • Case Studies
  • Latest technologies in the industry and;
  • Challenges that pertain to technical, human and regulatory issues

The conclave will have top industry leaders share their experiences on the challenges and issues that they face while conforming to current industry standard practices and what steps they are taking to break the mould to gain competitive edge domestically and in an international platform.

Some of the speakers at the event will be Prashant Sharma, President, Manufacturing & Operations, Zydus Group; Amitabh Mishra, President and Global Chief Technology Officer, Emcure Pharmaceuticals; Shekhar Tiwari, MD, Supply Chain and Network Operations, Accenture, Atul Tripathi, Consultant, Government of India, etc.

The issues and challenges may vary from Data Integrity, Regulatory issues to human cum technology synchronisation. In order to address, if not resolve, these challenges, the conclave will have industry and technology experts who will share their insights, technical expertise and knowledge on the best solutions to embrace while solution and technology providers will showcase their latest innovations that are designed specific to these issues.

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