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Ideal Cures launches new film coating products at 2nd FDD Conclave


INSTACOAT QD and INSTACOAT T2F are suited for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications

Ideal Cures an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai, launched two of its new ready-to-use film coating products INSTACOAT QD and INSTACOAT T2F, suited for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, at the 2nd Formulation and Drug Delivery Conclave organised by Express Pharma, held on 15-16th June 2018, at Hyderabad, India where more than 110 formulators of top India based pharma companies were present.

INSTACOAT QD, quick disintegrating film coating product is revolutionary for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications which provides fast disintegration of film and release of drug contained in the core within 3-15 seconds.

There have been many speculations, questions and concerns about talc and titanium dioxide as being carcinogenic. Hence, the use of these ingredients is discouraged in Europe and US. Ideal Cures has come up with this brilliant ready to use coating product that is completely free from Talc and TiO2. These coatings are specifically formulated for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products and provide easy scale-up and transfer to different manufacturing equipment.

Suresh Pareek, Managing Director, Ideal Cures and one of the inventors said, “Ideal Cures is driven by its vision to provide the best solutions to the industry by developing new products. With these products the company aims to add another brilliant milestone to its mission of assisting pharma industry with their need for better drug delivery and regulatory compliance.”



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