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Gufic Biosciences to tap generics, life-saving products segment in Africa, Asian markets


The company plans to provide high-end injections

Gufic Biosciences, a leading player in pharmaceutical and herbal products market, is now looking at tapping generics and high-end life-saving products segment in Africa, Asia and other regions.

“The company is augmenting its global focus by deepening its presence in the priority markets of India, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Russia, Europe and key countries within the emerging market territories.

“The company is also looking at tapping generics and high-end lifesaving products market in Africa, Asia and other developed markets,” Gufic Biosciences said in its annual report.

It expects the healthcare market in Africa, including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Egypt, as well as South East Asia, CIS, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the Middle East to mature a lot. Apart from generics, a market will open for high-end life-saving products, which is a great opportunity to be targeted, it added.

Gufic Biosciences plans to provide high-end injections to these markets at a fraction of the current price, thereby making the treatment affordable and increase access to a higher base of population.

“In 2017-18, we will strive to achieve our target to increase revenue growth, reduce avoidable expenses, spread market globally, enhance R&D team and launch new products and divisions. The company also aims to file many process patents in the year to come,” it said.

During FY17, the companys total revenue increased to Rs 250.23 crore in comparison to previous years Rs 202.86 crore. Net profit after tax increased to Rs 11.41 crore from Rs 7.32 crore. Last year, it had launched about 34 new products in the market.

In the recent years, Gufic has filed multiple process patents for many life-saving drugs injections and also for herbal treatment for chronic ailments. In 2016-17, it received two process patents on its invention on formulation — Anidulafungin and Tigecycline, it added.

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