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GR Raghavender takes over as Director IPR, DIPP

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GR Raghavender, Registrar of Copyrights and Director at Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development has now been moved over to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) after his term at the copyright office came to an end after two extensions.

Spicy IP notes that his two extensions were heavily opposed by lobbies that did not appreciate his role in the monumental copyright amendments that protected the interests of hitherto exploited Bollywood artists (lyricists, music composers etc) by granting them a mandatory right to royalty.

Raghavender played a significant role in seeing the 2012 copyright amendments through. He also helped shape India’s IP position at WIPO and other international fora. His crowning glory however was the landmark Marrakesh treaty for the visually impaired that India recently signed.

He has been designated as Director IPR at DIPP and will be in charge of trademarks, designs and HR aspects of the Indian Patent office.

Raghavendar completed M.A. Development Studies (Public Policy and Management), a postgraduate degree from Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Hague, the Netherlands. He also holds several other post graduate degrees namely, M.A (Gold medallist) and M. Phil (Ancient History and Archaelogy), and B.Li.Sc., from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He was a JRF Scholar of UGC as well. He also holds a degree in B.SC, and LL.B (Delhi University) and at present he is pusuing LL.M (IPRs) from GGSIP University, New Delhi.

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