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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals begins clinical trial of anti-myeloma drug


GBR 1342 simultaneously targets CD38, as well as the CD3 T cell co-receptor

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said that the first patient has been dosed in a Phase 1 trial of GBR 1342 (NCT03309111), an investigational bispecific antibody. This first-in-human, open-label study’s primary objective is to assess the safety and tolerability of increasing doses of GBR 1342 in multiple myeloma patients until a maximum tolerated dose is reached. Additional study objectives include assessment of biomarkers, immunogenicity and additional measures of anti-tumour activity.

“Glenmark is committed to a new model of drug discovery that emphasizes quality and a highly efficient approach to clinical development, and this milestone for GBR 1342 is an example of this approach in action,” said Fred Grossman, President and Chief Medical Officer, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. “In just the last year, three of the company’s biologics, two of which are immuno-oncology agents, have begun clinical trials, which is a testament to the outstanding progress made by the global R&D workforce.”

GBR 1342 simultaneously targets CD38, as well as the CD3 T cell co-receptor. CD38 is an antigen target implicated in multiple myeloma and other malignancies of hematopoietic origin, as well as a variety of solid tumours.

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