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Dr Markus Wyss, CEO, Camag to talk about HPTLC during India tour


Camag is associated with Anchrom Enterprises in India since 1978, which is is dedicated to HPTLC since decades

Dr Markus Wyss, CEO, Camag will make a whirlwind tour of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh in the last week of April 2017. He will explain the status of HPTLC in the analytical repertoire. His long experience in the Swiss chemical industry puts him in an advantageous position for the mission. Camag is based in Muttenz, the heart of the Swiss chemical industry. Many Camag products were based on patents of Swiss and German chemical industry giants such as Merck, Bayer etc. Being a Swiss company, it spends a substantial amount on R&D. Moreover, all products are made in Switzerland.

Recently Camag has introduced several new products such as visionCATS, HPTLC software, a patented ‘Derivatiser’, a patented ‘TLC MS interface’, Automatic Development Chamber – 2 etc, which have made HPTLC indispensable in today’s labs.

Camag is associated with Anchrom Enterprises in India since 1978. Anchrom is dedicated to HPTLC since decades. Anchrom’s technocrat founder Dilip Charegaonkar is an analytical chemist, whose believes in TLC and HPTLC techniques, and has put India on the world HPTLC map. The presentation will help participants to understand the new SOP of HPTLC, its future, latest instrumentation, software, applications, automation etc. together with demonstration of three instruments by applications specialists from Anchrom’s India specific HPTLC Application Research Lab.

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