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Domino Printech India to launch Ax-Series


The new range of continuous ink jet will reset customer expectations of productivity, quality and cost of ownership

20170715ep05Domino Printech India will launch the Ax-Series, a new range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers optimised for the demanding industrial packaging environments and more suitably designed for Indian market conditions. In developing the new series, Domino has rewritten the rules of coding and marking by revisiting the underlying science behind CIJ and introducing innovations in three key areas. This has resulted in a comprehensive re-engineering of the technology that will reset customer expectations of productivity, quality and cost of ownership.

Domino’s three ‘pillars’ of innovation across the Ax-Series are the new i-Pulse print head and inks, the i-Techx electronics and software platform, and Domino Design, a fresh approach to the total product design to maximise productivity and ease of operation.

“CIJ remains the coding solution of choice across many markets and industries, but we saw the opportunity to rethink three fundamental elements of the technology to deliver measurable benefits for customers and change the way CIJ is perceived.” says BVNG Krishna, Director Sales, Marketing & Tech. Services at Domino Printech India.

“With the new Ax-Series, Domino can now offer a choice of CIJ systems that will set new benchmarks for consistent high quality printing, productivity and Domino Printech India rewrites the rules of CIJ printing with new Ax-Series cost of ownership, making CIJ a future-proof investment.” adds Bipin Pandit, Managing Director, Domino Printech India.

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