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DBT to celebrate its 30th Foundation Day in February 2016

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Strategies were outlined for boosting biotech industry, stem cell research, genome engineering, computational biology and drug discovery

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India will celebrate its 30th Foundation Day in February 2016. A strategy meet was recently organised by DBT at NCR Biotech Science Cluster, Faridabad. The department assessed and analysed in consultation with all stake-holders the 4P’s- Progress, Promises, Problems and Plans for Future.

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, presided over the meeting, which was attended by the directors and senior faculty of DBT-aided autonomous institutes, senior experts across the country and senior members of the civil society and other officers.

In his opening address,  K VijayRaghavan, Secretary, DBT gave an overview and detailed assessment of the impact over the years and highlighted how DBT has contributed significantly through its efforts towards supporting key missions, spearheading cutting-edge research, building institutional and human resource capacity, forging industry academic partnership, leveraging international strength through collaborations and guiding policy thinking and analysis.

Vardhan in his inaugural address highlighted the importance of biotechnology sector to contribute to the society. He said that it would be important to develop a new sense of urgency and work towards preparing an action plan and address key strategies for the future to deliver perceptible and measurable impact to the benefit of society.

Vardhan also stated that the biotechnology sector which has an important role and cuts across all other sectors, takes forward its strategy in partnership with other S&T Ministry / Departments and State Governments. He appreciated the good work by DBT in taking forward biotechnology research in the country and stressed the necessity to fix three to four focus areas with achievable targets in the next two to three years. The minister added that malnutrition could be one of the key focus areas elaborating that whereas there has been much research on nutrition, the research needed to be translated to yield benefits for people.

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