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Centrient initiates patent litigation in India against Dalas Biotech


Centrient Pharma, in a lawsuit filed at Delhi HC, claims that Dalas Biotech has infringed upon its patent for the enzymatic process for preparing amoxicillin trihydrate

Centrient Pharmaceuticals has announced that its Indian subsidiary, Centrient India, has filed a lawsuit against Dalas Biotech in the High Court of Delhi for patent infringement. The patent, owned by Centrient, describes an enzymatic process for preparing amoxicillin trihydrate having a low free water content.

According to its press release, Centrient is seeking compensation for damages and a permanent injunction to prevent the infringing manufacture, use, sale in India and exportation out of India of Dalas’ active pharmaceutical ingredient containing amoxicillin trihydrate produced by a process that amounts to patent infringement.

Karl Rotthier, CEO at Centrient said: “After having previously filed a patent litigation against Sinopharm Weiqida Pharmaceuticals for patent infringement in India, and the Court granting an injunction since April 2017, Centrient shows that it will continue to rigorously enforce its IP assets worldwide against any additional potential infringers in India or abroad.”

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