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CCSI conducts cleanroom and filtration standard seminar


The seminar was attended by 95 delegates

Contamination Control Society of India (CCSI), supported by Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration & Airconditioning Engrs & ASHRAE, recently conducted a seminar in Mumbai, which was attended by 95 delegates.

Topics covered during the seminar were: ‘Implementing the Changes to Cleanroom Standards ISO 14644-1&2:2015,’ ‘Filtration Standard ISO 16890-1:2016 & ISO 29463-1’, ‘Proposed Changes to ISO 14644-3 & EU GMP Annex 1,’ ‘How to avoid FDA 483s in Cleanroom Pressure Differentials,’ ‘Recommended IEST Practices Related to Air Filtration in Cleanrooms,’ and HVAC Duct Leakage Testing: Pinpointing Leaks with smoke machines.

The faculty comprised Sheesh Gulati, Sant Advani and Gautham Baliga. Working demos of various equipment connected to cleanrooms were also given by the table-top exhibitors.



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