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Cadila Pharmaceuticals takes various initiatives on World Environment Day

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With an aim to increase awareness towards environment, Ahmedabad-based Cadila Pharmaceuticals is going to celebrate ‘World Environment Day’ by launching an unique ‘Save Paper Campaign’ to reduce the consumption of paper at its various premises.

“At Cadila Pharmaceuticals, we firmly believe in preserving our environment and have taken various initiatives to make the world greener. Every year, we have been carrying out various awareness activities. This year, besides a tree plantation drive, we have designed a campaign to make employees aware about reducing the consumption of paper in form of print outs and photocopies and urge them to be conservative when it comes to printing documents,” said, Dr Rajiv Modi, Chairman and Managing Director, Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

Last year, the employees at Cadila Pharmaceuticals had taken a pledge to save water and power, plant more trees, stop using plastic bags and save paper. Taking it forward, the company is running a sustained mail campaign that conveys the impact on environment, arising out of the simple, yet indiscriminate use of paper at their various office premises. Through its Save Paper campaign– the company intends to drive home the point and motivate its employees to be conscious of the environment and print only if necessary. Just a simple conscious act by each and everyone at Cadila Pharmaceuticals, will contribute in doing their bit for the environment and thereby conserving trees, water and reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

Apart from this, the company is going to organise a tree plantation drive at their Bhat Corporate Campus. Similar kind of activities will also be done at Ankaleshwar facility like tree plantation, environment –related poster display and quiz competition. At Dholka manufacturing facility, apart from the tree plantation drive, an award would be presented for ‘Green Person of the Year’. On this special day, the company will also organise quiz and drawing competitions and give award to its employees for taking best initiatives for environment protection.

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