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BigBrother Nutra Care organises press con to spread awareness on oral cancer


The company also unveiled SvarnSaathi, a nutraceutical product designed to boost cancer management in patients suffering from oral cancer

BigBrother Nutra Care, a nutraceutical arm of BestoChem Formulations, recently organised a press conference to address the issue of rise in oral cancer cases in India due to high consumption of tobacco. Experts participating in the conference also discussed the widespread and inescapable presence of carcinogens in our environment, and its effect on the general health of the population.

“As per WHO, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world and was responsible for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Globally one in six deaths is due to cancer. Out of all cancers, tobacco-related cancer (TRC) accounts for a major share and is considered responsible for approximately 22 per cent of cancer deaths,” said Dr Bernd Michael Loeffler, German pharmacologist and biophysicist.

“Tobacco use is linked to around 70 per cent of global lung cancer cases, and 40 per cent of all cancers in India. As far as regions in India are concerned, cases of tobacco-related cancers (TRC) seem to occur more in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the North-Eastern states including West Bengal. Following them are the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh,” he added.

BigBrother Nutra Care also unveiled their nutraceutical product SvarnSaathi, which is a blend of natural active ingredients made from highly efficacious curcumin from turmeric/’haldi’ extracts, tomato extract (lycopene) and black pepper extract (Piperine).

Bernd further said, “Turmeric is long known for its various benefits and is a popular household remedy for a number of ailments. It also helps in prevention and treatment of cancer. However, for turmeric to yield any benefits for cancer, at least 2.5 to 5 tablespoons (tbsp, each tbsp =15gms) is necessary to be consumed daily and this is not practical. Another disadvantage of curcuminoids (turmeric) consumption is that the active component “curcumin” does not enter the blood to exert its benefits. ‘Svarn Saathi’ overcomes both these shortcomings by providing high bioavailable curcuminoids with complete natural turmeric matrix that can easily be consumed by taking only 1-2 sachets daily to provide adequate dosage.”
Curcumin is known to boost immunity, fight against carcinogens, inflammation and free radicals, provides protection from pollutants, food adulterants, chemicals and micro-organisms.

According to BigBrother Nutra Care, ‘Svarn Saathi’ will help people in fighting the ill consequences, especially oral sub mucosis fibrosis- a pre-cancerous stage of mouth cancer- of the gutka-supari, tobacco consumption (in any way-tobacco chewing, snuffing, smoking or raw consumption etc) and also the bad effects of food adulterants, chemical toxins, pollutants, microorganisms, free-radicals, cancer-causing agents naturally.

SvarnSaathi has been clinically proven to be effective in a group of OSMF patients (i.e. pre-cancerous stage of oral cancer) and it’s symptoms. The clinical trial conducted on SvarnSaathi observed significant reduction in the inflammation and ulceration, preventing further progress of OSMF. Also, the suppleness of oral mucosa has been found to increase significantly indicating improved mouth movements. It has also been known to reverses fibrosis to some extent and improves overall immunity which in turn increases the strength of oral mucosa and submucosa to overcome the disease.

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