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AstraZeneca strengthens innovation partnership in India

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Announces an investment of $90 m in India over the next five years

AstraZeneca has announced an investment of $90 million in India over the next five years to develop local skills, build scientific innovation and promote quality manufacturing with the aim to improve overall health outcomes in the country. The announcement was made following a meeting between the company’s Executive VP for International Region – Leon Wang and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during the latter’s visit to Sweden, where the two countries signed a joint declaration on innovation partnership for a sustainable future.

This investment commitment will span across AstraZeneca’s diverse footprint in India with an aim to strengthen its manufacturing, clinical operations, patient safety and regulatory science, IT services and commercial operations. Furthermore, this investment will support scientific data generation, quality manufacturing, science talent development and collaborative development of innovative solutions to improve the standard of care of non-communicable diseases in India. The commitment also aligns closely with the Indian government’s initiatives to create a stronger business, innovation, and healthcare environment such as Skill India, National Health Policy and Ayushman Bharat.

Leon Wang, Executive VP for International Region, AstraZeneca, said, “AstraZeneca has a long-standing commitment in India of 40 years. Our latest investment reflects our commitment to address the unmet needs in non-communicable diseases, enable high-value job creation and boost medical innovation in the country. We believe, this investment commitment across AstraZeneca’s business footprint in India, will make a positive impact. It also aligns closely with the government’s vision for healthcare and innovation.”

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