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Arogya Finance and DRL collaborate to provide medical loans for financially weak

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Facilitates medical loans for Resof, a drug for treatment of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and a few other therapies

Arogya Finance has tied up with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories for providing medical loans for treatment of Hepatitis C. Reportedly, Arogya Finance will facilitate easy Equated Monthly Installments to patients to pay for the drug for Hepatitis C and a few other therapies provided by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories.

“According to WHO, over 12 million people in India suffer from chronic hepatitis C leading to unexpected healthcare expense burden. Arogya Finance in association with Dr. Reddy’s has taken an initiative to offer medical loans at reasonable terms and making it available at the right time, right place and reaching out to the patients in rural India. We are providing a one-stop financial solution for people in need whenever and wherever there is an unforeseen medical emergency,” said Jose Peter, Co-Founder and CEO, Arogya Finance.

Arogya Finance does not require collaterals or formal income proof which is mandatory in other forms of finance. A company release informs that Arogya Finance offers a loan and makes it easily available within 24 hours. The company offers medical loans to the traditionally unbankable, using a psychometric test as a risk assessment tool to enable evaluation of the credit risk profile of people outside the formal banking system. The borrowers can repay the loans in EMIs of upto 36 months and is calculated in a way that it does not exceed 25 per cent of the total family income.

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