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Aptar Pharma signs development and license agreement with BD

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To bring a novel auto-injector to market

Aptar Pharma has signed an exclusive development and license agreement with Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) to jointly develop a novel auto-injector using Aptar Pharma’s two-step auto-injector technology and prefillable syringes from BD.

Auto-injectors are designed to be used safely and conveniently by patients for self-injection in a non-medical environment, such as the home or office. Reportedly, Aptar Pharma has utilised feedback obtained from its market research involving patients and healthcare professionals to create and optimise a compact device capable of delivering high viscosity drugs including some of the newest biologics.

The auto-injector technology was specifically designed around the BD Neopak 1mL long glass prefillable syringe or the BD Hypak for Biotech 1 mL long glass prefillable syringe.

Under the agreement, BD and Aptar Pharma will jointly develop Aptar Pharma’s auto-injector technology platform using BD’s expertise in prefillable syringes and self-injection technologies combined with Aptar Pharma’s innovation and quality-by-design expertise. This two-step auto-injector will be exclusively commercialised by BD as a part of their portfolio of auto-injectors.

“We are pleased to be extending our relationship with BD from pharmaceutical elastomer components supplier to now also include joint development of an auto-injector system. The key advantages of this platform hinge on the ease of use, ergonomic shape, improved feedback indicators, and the ability to handle viscous drug formulations,” said Salim Haffar, President, Aptar Pharma.

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