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Aptar Pharma partners with Kali Care

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The partnership aims to develop real-time medication management technology

Aptar Pharma and Silicon Valley-based technology Kali Care have partnered in order to address the challenge of monitoring adherence in ophthalmic clinical trials. The combination of Aptar Pharma’s ophthalmic device expertise and Kali Care’s digital monitoring system for ophthalmic medications, is likely to impact in reducing the costs and complexity of ophthalmic clinical trials.

Kali Care provides a sensor technology which allows clinicians to replace adherence assumptions in clinical trials with collected real-time data. Aptar Pharma’s ability to support complex projects and meet the challenging and changing regulatory requirements was recently demonstrated by their collaboration with Allergan on launching the first FDA-approved prescription preservative-free ophthalmic multidose product (Restasis MultiDose).

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